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October 5th 2013 – January 25th 2014
Center for Digital Art, Holon

At the core of Histories was the basic thesis suggesting that in recent years artists developed new interest in the formation of history and the question of truth of historical narratives. Histories considered the relation between truth and fiction, having recognized an area of action in contemporary art that uses history in a similar way to how a sculptor uses clay or stone. It does not use history merely as a trigger for the artwork but as the platform or substance that the artist cuts, fuses, distorts and shapes. It can also be argued that these types of actions aim to react to our present life and political situation, letting the audience question the borders of their knowledge.

The preliminary phase of this project joined 20 artists and scholars to contemplate about this position and learning together. These meetings served also as an informal forgery workshop with practitioners from the fields of archeology, forensic, restoration and philosophy, sharing knowledge and creating possibilities for dealing with historical facts, materials and objects.

The exhibition space was built as a historical museum/visitor's center, while the works created an irrational timeline from pre-historical time (120,000 BC) into the future to come (2048).

Participating Artists: Yair Agmon, Yochai Avrahami, Michael Blum, Yael Frank, Zohar Gotesman and Avi Milgrom, Tali Keren, Shachar Freddy Kislev, Ori Levin, Daniel Mann, Helly Mizrai, Roee Rosen.

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