Udi Edelman is a curator and researcher based in Israel. Director and Chief Curator of the Center for Digital Art, Holon, since 2020. Founder Director of the Institute for Public Presence (IPP), 2015. Chief Editor of Maarav – Israeli art and culture journal and Co-editor of Mafte’akh – academic journal for political thought, Minerva Humanities Center – Tel Aviv University.

Among the exhibitions and projects he curated are “Where To?”(2011-2012) that examined ideological currents and options rejected under the modern Jewish revolution; “Histories”(2013) on the notion of ‘historically interventional art’; HeLa: Formations of Human Existence”(2014) about the post-human condition; “State<Chronicle”(2013-2014) a live performance project - reading and debating history in public squares; and “Akcja PRL”(2015) - Research and performance festival of public action in Warsaw. His last projects include the “Monument/Action” exhibition trilogy (2016-2018) about public art and action in Israel throughout the 20th century and the “What are monuments made of”(2017) - exhibition within the 11th Kaunas Biennial, Lithuania.

His research and work often deals with history and different gestures of art regarding truth and fiction, mythos and ethos.



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